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frederico thibault

Ningbo (315800) Chine -

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Graduated from ISAT University, “Institut Supérieur de l’Automobile et des Transports” at Nevers, France, where I received a master-degree in Mechanical-Engineering, Material & Structures specialty, started my career here in China was a personal and professional choice, made after my two experiences in Wuhan:
First as PH.D Assistant at the well-known Wuhan University of Technology,
Then as Test & Validation Engineer-assistant at the Wuhan-MECAPLAST plant.

These two experiences in China opened my mind on the high evolution potential on the Chinese-industry but also on the Western methods and knowledge needed and asked by most company here.

Therefore, I decided to start by a 2 years V.I.E-contract (French-European Contract, helping young graduates going abroad) and officially started my career in Ningbo China on November 2010 as Supply Chain Manager in the Chinese-subsidiary production-plant. At this date, I was managing 5 workers, 1 Buyer and 1 Quality Assistant.
After less than 2 years of well-improved productivity, quality and costing-reducing, I became General Manager of the plant end of June 2012, combines with my previous Supply Chain Manager position. I am now managing 10 workers, 1 Buyer, 1 Quality manager and 1 Financial & Human-Resources manager.

Strengthened by this accumulated knowledge and experiences in financial, production and quality management, I am now looking for a qualified-position in a major car-manufacturer and automotive-suppliers in Wuhan (Hubei).

Young, highly motivated, with strong skills in mechanical, I can firmly manage and animate team-projects, with respect and friendly communication with team-workers and hierarchy.
Easily acclimate in new working atmosphere; I am looking for a manager position in Production and/or Quality but also Research & Development departments.

Expériences professionnelles

General manager


De Juillet 2012 à Aujourd'hui

Responsible for the effective fonctioning of a small production-site,
my position combines both technical and relational expertises.

-production-schedule monitoring based on our Exportation plans.
-Reducing production costs via working-area, tools and rules improvement.
-New quotations creation, with machining/control-tools.
-Quality improvement.

-Sourcing new suppliers with prices/payments conditions with our purchase department.
-Hiring and teminating employees.

Supply chain manager


De Novembre 2010 à Juin 2012

Improvement of Quality and Productivity.
Responsible for production-planning.
Creation of machining and testing tools.
Workshop improvement, stock and delivery.
Working area improvement for both workers' conditions and productivity

Technical and commercial engineer


De Juillet 2010 à Octobre 2010

Trainee on truck, trailers and semi-trailers:
-Telescopic cylinder: production, use, sizing them.
-Hydraulic-kits: components, assembling and sizing them.
-Trailers part: components and use of them

Engineer assistant - testing dept.


De Janvier 2010 à Juin 2010

Topic: Designing non-standard jigs for validation / testing automobile’s plastic-parts.
I personaly designed testing-supports but also testing-methods and process for the control of new plastic-tanks for engine-bay, especially oil-tanks.

Ph.d. assistant in the automotive dept.


De Septembre 2008 à Décembre 2008

Topic: Coordinated control of automatic transmission on a hybrid powertrain.
Computing conceptions to control a hybrid powertrain with an automatic gear-box. (DPCA components)

Formations complémentaires

Master's degree

ISAT - Institut Supérieur de l'Automobile et des Transports - Mechanical Engineering

2005 à 2010

Ingénieur: Constructions Mécaniques,
Spécialité: Matériaux et Structures

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Lycée Geoffroy Saint Hilaire - Physical and Engineering Sciences

2002 à 2005

Engineering sciences projects,
Theatre association.

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VIE – CHINE – 2012


Français - Langue maternelle

Anglais - Courant

Chinois - Notions

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