Damien Chateau

Supply Chain Engineer

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Supply Chain
De 1 à 5 ans
Entre 35 k€ et 55 k€
75 Paris, 77 Seine-et-Marne, 78 Yvelines, 91 Essonne, 92 Hauts-de-Seine, 93 Seine-Saint-Denis, 94 Val-de-Marne - Indifférent
- Responsable maintenance / logistique
- Autres industries


I am looking for new opportunities and challenges in logistics, in continuity with my previous position at Essilor at Bangkok as Supply Chain Coordinator.

Expériences professionnelles

Supply chain coordinator


De Juillet 2012 à Juillet 2014

I work on a premium product:
-planning teams coordination in four manufacturing factories to roll-out innovative solutions for inventory optimization and obsolescence management (target: 1mUSD, decrease of 50%) of make-to-order medical devices: process implementation in warehouse, transfer between factories
-replenishment of 15000 SKUs across multiple sites (Thailand, China, India) by min-max parameters definition, forecast consolidation, accuracy analysis and KPI results reporting
-demand management, participation in the S&OP: customers strategy definition (Europe, North America and Asia) by risk simulations on different switch scenarios, mappings analysis
-new product launch coordination, cross-functional exposure: negotiations with customers, dashboard creation with new products setup team, follow-up with five suppliers to meet deadline

Production management, research about process planning


De Septembre 2011 à Janvier 2012

-development of a new method for automatic creation of a process planning
-use of knowledge management and methods allowing the optimization of the process planning
-application of the new method to a part modeled with CATIA and conclusion

Support and development of the value chain of digitline


De Septembre 2010 à Janvier 2011

-sourcing then pricing of potential suppliers for the launch of a new product
-creation of a form for the study of the customer demand in order to adapt the offer of Digitline
-design of a flowchart introducing all the functions performed by the products of Digitline in order to improve its visibility to the existing and potential customers

Formation complémentaire

Master's degree

Ecole nationale supérieure d'Arts et Métiers - Industrial Engineering

2008 à 2011

Logistic manager for my school’s Gala Night. I had led a team of 8 people for working during the night, 47kUSD of profit.

During the last year, Logistics - Project Management - Management: Specialization MITI, Metz:

-logistical flows optimization: simplex method (search algorithm for an optimum)
-modeling of a production line to optimize the stocks, KANBAN method
-production management: PERT method, GANTT chart
-demand management, sales forecast: statistics, method of least squares

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Supply Chain
APICS certified, Basics of Supply Chain Management, score 308/330