Anne Grammatico

Financial Analyst, Passed All 3 CFA Exams.

Expériences professionnelles

Corporate credit analyst


De Mai 2014 à Aujourd'hui

Helping Relationship Managers for client meeting by preparing short financial analysis;
Writing credit files in collaboration with Relationship Managers (financial analysis, cash flow projection…);
Analyzing firms’ business plans and,
Assigning a credit rating to the firms.

Investment analyst

Natixis Assurances , Paris - Stage

De Octobre 2013 à Mars 2014

Industries of Food-processing and, Retail Chain in Home Improvement and Do-it-yourself Goods.

Financial analysis of annual reports, prospectus, business plans and investor presentations;
Drafting of reports with a final opinion as for investment decision;
Contact with Coverage, Sales, Origination parties and clients and,
Annual communication preparation (consistency monitoring of asset portfolio; research for fund and benchmark performances ; call center training).

Audit assitant

DELOITTE , Neuilly-sur-seine - Stage

De Janvier 2012 à Mars 2012

Industries of Luxury, Press and Steel.

Audit of tangible and intangible assets, accounts receivable and connected accounts, intercorporate investment accounts, investment in financial assets and cash accounts, accounts payable and connected accounts.

Account manager assistant

Banque Espírito Santo et de la Vénétie , Paris - Stage

De Mars 2011 à Août 2011

Fiscal bundles and annual report seizure in bank file;
Credit rating assignment to the firms;
Drafting of reports for Credit Committee;
Financial analysis drafting and,
Attented credit committee.

Formations complémentaires

Programme Grande Ecole de Commerce - Formation Initiale

ICN Business School - Finance-Audit Major, Financial Analysis and Management Option.

2008 à 2012

Dissertation : LBO : an effective and appropriate tool for firm acquisition ?

Courses: company transmission and buy-out, financial diagnosis, firms’ valuation, financial set-up, accounting consolidation, corporate governance, financial accounting.

Common-core syllabus courses of the 2nd and 3rd years of study were completed in English.

Classe Préparatoire

Lycée Marie de Champagne - Economics Option

2006 à 2008

Full-time preparation for the competitive entrance examination to French Graduate Business Schools.

Echange Universitaire

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

2010 à 2010

Courses: IFRS accounting, corporate finance fundamentals, Chilean economics, Latin American economic problems, corporate ethics.




"S.O.S" Romilly Chiens


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Credit Analysis
Financial analysis
Corporate Finance
Financial Modeling

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