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Allann Bellenger

IT Engineer in Networks Systems and Security

31 ans

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After a five years engineering course in Paris with two different companies in telecom and real estate-insurance, I decided to start a new experience in expatriation in China thanks to a VIA contract with the Ministry of Foreigners Affairs in the French embassy in Beijing untill early November 2015.
My objective is to keep working in China and in particular in Shanghai to keep improving my experience outside France.

Expérience professionnelle

It specialist


De Novembre 2014 à Aujourd'hui

Confidential-Defense authorization for manipulating classified informations and technologies:
Authorized to access classified informations in the embassy, making sure they are not compromised and delivering them to the persons through out the proper technologies given by the french government including Cisco, Alcatel and Thales.

Enhancing the infrastructure (virtualization, wifi, MDM, security, communications…):
Keep modernizing the two different type of infrastructures in the embassy. Half a day I had the opportunity to work on a project such as the MDM with Mobile Iron, the Open Source virtualization (Xen) for the embassy and its consulates, making the wifi even safer, checking if the communications are well encrypted.

Accomplishing several missions into the consulates in and around China:
I have in charge of the other consulates in China and around such as Japan, North/South Korea, Mongolia and Hong Kong and does level 2 and 3 support.

Supporting the embassy and the consulates:
With a 350 people working in there, I had to support the users from the embassy, including the high diplomats and the ambassador, and working closely with all the 9 consulates by organizing missions.


Paris Lion Sport Association


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VIA – CHINE – 2015


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  • New technologies
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  • martial arts
  • asian cultures
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